Create an At Home Salon

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This one is for those that need pampering at this time of isolation. Sometimes all you need is a face mask and a bath bomb to feel like a new human. Everyone deserves relaxation and right now it is necessary for our sanity and our immune system to be as relaxed as possible. You don’t have to leave your home in order to purchase at home, salon quality products. Here are some of our favorite companies that sell pampering products for parents and teens alike.

  1. ETSY! No name drop needed here. Etsy is a great option if you would like a more intimate selling experience. Most products come from small businesses and at this time they need the most help of all! You can purchase spa baskets that are unique to your wants and needs on Etsy with a simple search. We can’t help you choose between all of the small businesses found on this site considering there are so many.  -testing edits
  2. DEAR AVA! If you haven’t heard of Dear Ava, you heard it here first. This website offers many types of gifts but in their home and living section they have both a men and a women’s box available for purchase and delivery. This is a great selection to shine light on because they also have gift sets specific to all occasions and while in quarantine you might not be able to make it to someone you know during an important time in their life. This is your solution. 
  3. KNACK SHOPS! This one is a personal favorite considering it can all be designed COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! The journey through this website will be entertaining and will also give you the opportunity to suit every need you have. With careful selection, you can have everything you desire from a foot scrub to perfume.

During your time in isolation, treat yourself! If you are not interested in purchasing items at this time, we also have an article that includes a DIY face mask and scrub! Stay happy and healthy!


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