Pandemic Report

Travelers Want Social Distancing With A View
Help Them Make Fact Based Decisions To Book With You

Data Aggregation

Pandemic Report is the aggregator of official COVID-19 data, from the CDC, John’s Hopkins University, and other institutions across America. Get real-time COVID-19 data displayed simply and only in the locations you care about.

Outbreak Forecasting

Get predictions and real-time assessments of the COVID-19 situation for your next vacation location. Going on a trip in 2 weeks? Understand the pandemic forecasts before you go.

Risk Assessment

Understand the level of risk before you travel. Pandemic Report publishes risk assessments for your favorite vacation locations using open source and proprietary algorithms. Find out whether or not your vacation spot is open for business.

Hotspot Reporting

Wondering if the COVID-19 risk is high at your grocery store? See local business outbreaks as they’re being reported.


Crafting Digital Data Strategies for Increased Conversion Rates.


Full stack team to implement solutions end-to-end, from design and development to partnering with subject matter experts like teams of epidemiologists to targeted full funnel marketing campaigns.


Robust back end with open source and proprietary client- and server- side software, advanced machine learning and independently-developed algorithms, and human-in-the-loop technologies.


Using a modified system engineering and customer driven approach, we are solving challenges to help businesses succeed in a post-COVID-19 world.