You Research Every Aspect of Your Vacation. It’s Time to Include Local Health Information.

Data Aggregation

Pandemic Report is the aggregator of official COVID-19 data, from the CDC, John’s Hopkins University, and other institutions across America. Get real-time COVID-19 data displayed simply and only in the locations you care about.

Outbreak Forecasting

Get predictions and real-time assessments of the COVID-19 situation for your next vacation location. Going on a trip in 2 weeks? Understand the pandemic forecasts before you go.

Risk Assessment

Pandemic Report is the aggregator of official COVID-19 data, from the CDC, John’s Hopkins University, and other institutions across America. Get real-time COVID-19 data displayed simply and only in the locations you care about.

Hotspot Reporting

Wondering if the COVID-19 risk is high at your grocery store? See local business outbreaks as they’re being reported.

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Crafting Digital Data Strategies for Increased Conversion Rates.


Full stack team to implement solutions end-to-end, from design and development to partnering with subject matter experts like teams of epidemiologists to targeted full funnel marketing campaigns.


Robust back end with open source and proprietary client- and server- side software, advanced machine learning and independently-developed algorithms, and human-in-the-loop technologies.


Using a modified system engineering and customer driven approach, we are solving challenges to help businesses succeed in a post-COVID-19 world.

Where is Your Next Trip?

Search for your next vacation location.

Easily search our comprehensive database for your next vacation location. Understand the risk assessment for traveling to that area, at a fidelity offered nowhere else. Check-in before your trip for relevant news and information, to keep you and your family safe and informed.


The Worst May Be Yet to Come

One of the world’s leading infectious disease specialists warned this week that the “worst is yet to come” in the widening Covid-19 pandemic. Around the world, the virus is spreading rapidly, though some places, like South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand have tamped the fire down with widespread testing, contact tracing and quarantine, in Brazil, Iran and India infection rates are soaring. Globally, nearly 11 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported in more than

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Ready for Takeoff?

Even with Covid-19 cases on the rise in 26 states as of June 22, most of the country is in the midst of attempting to get back to normal life. That includes airlines and cruise lines, which were devastated by stay-at-home lockdowns through the spring.  But even though you can finally leave home and travel once again – do you really want to? Concerns about travel have abated to some extent as the country gets

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Feel Like Stepping Out? Where Will You Go?

Not too long ago, while you were stuck at home for weeks, rock-bottom airfares were alluring — until you realized that once you got to New York City, for example, there would be no theatres, restaurants, shops or events to enjoy. In the first week of April, Americans spent more than 90% of their time at home – the peak of sheltering in place because of Covid-19. Now, there’s more to do in more places,

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Where and How You Live Makes a Difference

While it’s no secret that a pandemic affects all kinds of people in all kinds of places, Covid-19’s impact on different demographic groups and in different geographic locations varies. While no person is guaranteed safety from infection, how and where you live, the density of your community and your overall health all may determine how vulnerable you and your family may be to the novel coronavirus. Common sense, and daily news reports, tell us that

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Covid-19 Hospitalization Numbers Offer More Accurate View

As more testing becomes available, Covid-19 cases seem to be on the rise. However, should we look at the number of confirmed cases or is there a more accurate option? To get a better view of the severity of the virus, especially at a local level, check Covid-19 hospitalization data versus the number of confirmed cases. Here’s why: It’s difficult to monitor the situation. There are many factors involved that affect data. First, most cities

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Houseplants to Collect

While stuck at home, you might have finally taken notice of the mistreated house plants that might be around your home. This could be a good time to explore new hobbies, or reinvigorate an old one, like keeping those houseplants alive! Even if you don’t have a “green thumb” our list of houseplants will prove to be viable for even the most clueless when it comes to gardening. The houseplants chosen are multipurpose and will

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